Taurus Horoscope

You’re poised to bust through a networking stalemate or a block in the digital domain starting this Wednesday, March 9, as rational Mercury ends a fast (yet furious) trek through your professional tenth house and logs into Pisces and your eleventh house of innovation, teamwork and technology for three weeks. While your “fixed” sign can be, shall we say, a bit set in your ways, you’ll be positively eager to learn new tricks during this edifying transit. Start by reconsidering your entire online presence.  What impression would someone Googling you for the first time get? Hide all posts and videos that don’t align with your current vision of yourself, and then upload some that reflect the you that you’d be proud for the world to see. Collaboration is queen this month, so join forces with your “chic geek” associates and investigate the synergies. From now until March 27, your friend circle is sure to expand and be more inclusive of people from all walks of life. These new folks may become fast friends—and some even BFFs!

Thursday’s quarter moon in Gemini and your second house of finances, security and values reminds you that there’s more to your job than a paycheck. And in the company of the rest of the week’s powerful transits, you’ll clearly appreciate the adage “it’s not what you know but WHO you know.” To which we’ll add, it’s essential to treat the people in your workaday life like actual partners and not just random names on a Slack thread. Taking the time to engage and get to know them is what will lead to the kind of win-wins you like. You’ll earn trust and support from your team, enrich your work life—plus everyone will feel acknowledged and appreciated. If you haven’t been playing a “10” game in that department, make it your business starting this Thursday. And keep it sincere! Make eye contact, ask people questions—especially their opinions about work matters. Don’t be afraid to let them see your own human side. Personal interaction like this will keep the wheels greased when the going gets rough.

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