These Hairstyles From PHBCW’18 Are Giving Us Major Wedding Hair Inspo


Let’s admit desi bridal couture weeks help us a whole lot in deciding how to style our looks for the shaadi season.

We watched the Pantene Hum Bridal Couture Week unfold in Lahore recently and picked some great looking hair styles to rock this year.

Let’s look at what styles made it to our it lists, and why:

1. The slicked back pony tail

We feel this ‘do keeps all attention on Zhalay Sarhadi’s accessories and dress, and works well with all that bling.

To create this look, you need hair to look thicker, stronger and beautiful.

Invest in a shampoo that suits your hair type and apply your favourite texturising product or a strong-hold mousse. Blow dry at the roots and pin hair back to the crown.

Dry hair shoots the way you please and tie in a high pony.

2. Some gota inspo for fine hair

Fine hair can be difficult to handle and style for weddings.

To have thicker, stronger looking hair, wash, condition and dry before you begin styling.

Make multiple pig tails at an angle slightly lower than the crown of your head. Twist the tails all the way down with gota wrapped in the same direction as the twists.

Secure by knotting each of the twisted tails at the end. Wrap a few hair strands around the pony tail to give it a tidier look.

3. Half up, half down hair

Half and half hair styles are classics, and Zoe Viccaji sure knows they make hair look stronger, fuller and healthier.

To create such a look, blow dry hair with holding spray and pin half of the hair at the crown.

To have hair appear thicker, add twists or braids at the sides of the head.

4. Classic straight hair

Who doesn’t know the straight hair, middle parted look is here to stay?

To have hair looking effortlessly thicker and stronger this winter season, paddle dry it right after you shampoo and condition. Spritz some hold spray lightly at the shoots of the hair to keep it from entertaining fly-aways. Add some sea salt spray to the roots of the hair to prevent them from falling flat on the scalp.

To get rid of dry hair, replace your regular conditioner with hydration masque in the winters.

Key segments at the event

A number of designers showcased their works at the BCW’18 in power-packed segments with a great line up of trending celebs attending the event.

Additionally, Pantene hosted a variety of activities that included:

1. The #StrongIsBeautiful wall and lounge

These were beautifully styled spaces where various celebs took photos and left messages on how they perceive and break stereotypes around beauty.

An interactive screen also displayed messages that all attendees, including celebrities, wrote to highlight what being strong means to them.

2. An exclusive Hair Show coupled with Zoe Viccaji’s stellar performance

Choreographed by Vaneeza Ahmed, the hair show was led by Zoe Viccaji where Pantene models walked the ramp with thicker and stronger hair embodying the very essence of the brand’s message ‘Strong is Beautiful’.

Photo Credit: Haris Usmani the official photographer of #PHBCW
Photo Credit: Haris Usmani the official photographer of #PHBCW

3. Pantene Designer Collection

Ace designers Nilofer Shahid, Nickie and Nina and Umsha by Uzma Babar graced the show with their exclusive Pantene Designer collections.

Here’s a glimpse into Saba Qamar’s showstopping look for Umsha by Uzma Babar:

A number of celebs including Samina Peerzada, Meera, Kubra Khan, Mawra Hocane, Bushra Ansari, Zhalay Sarhadi, Kinza Razzaq adorned great jewels, silhouettes and hair as showstopping looks for various designers.



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