God is one of the most valuable metals of the world found under the crust of the earth. It is not consumed like tea or coffee but still, it is one of the most consumable commodities around the globe. All the gold mined until now is still present in the world in different forms, but the demand for gold is increasing day by day. That’s why the gold rates are increasing constantly. One more reason for its high prices is that its use in industry is increasing. So, it is highly demanded in almost in every industry. From eatables’ garnishing to the electrification, from spacecraft to the jewellery and even in various other fields, gold is highly demanded.

The high demand for the gold has made the people conscious about this precious metal and they use it as an instrument of investment. If you are also a gold investor, it is important for you to keep checking the rates to be well-versed with the latest trends in the rates.

Today, the gold rate in international market stays at the same level i.e. $1306.80. According to the Karachi Saraf Association, the price for 24K gold per 10 grams is Rs 58,504.34 and the rate of 24K gold per tola is Rs 68,167.04. In the same way, the rate of 22K gold per 10 grams is Rs 53,628.98 and the rate of 22K gold per tola is Rs 62,486.45.

If we compare the prices of 24K gold per 10 grams yesterday and today, we see no difference in them. Yesterday we have seen the same rates as are today. There is neither uprise nor decline in them.

Silver is another metal that is consumed by a large number of industries around the world. Although it is tarnished, still the demand for silver is increasing in different industries. It is used as an alternative to gold in electrification, jewellery, utensils and in computer chips, etc.

Today, the rate of silver per 10 grams is noted as Rs 707.90 whereas; the rate of silver per tola is noted as Rs 825.68.

Yesterday, the silver rate for 10 grams was Rs 714.50. So, today, there is a decline of Rs 6.60 in the silver prices. It has been constantly declining for a week.



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