Virgo Horoscope (Aug 17, 2020 – Aug 23, 2020)


The focus on a private and spiritual sector is coming to an end this week. Before it does, though, some key influences can have a positive and uplifting influence on you. The sun and meandering Mercury merge in Leo and can coincide with an insight or perhaps a dream that is very informative and enlightening.

A powerful new moon in this same zone aligns with Mars in a deeply emotional sector. This is the time to put the law of attraction into operation, as your ability to visualize what you want with great emotion can kick-start a process that brings it your way. Remember to immerse yourself in the end result and not in the process of getting there.

With chatty Mercury and the sun moving into your sign in the second half of the week, you’ll be in your element. It’s time to kick-start those projects that have been on the back burner.