Leo Weekly Horoscope (01/10/2018)(08/10/2018)


Do you believe in magic? If you’ve been sinking into cynicism, your sense of wide-eyed wonder could peek out again on Tuesday. That’s when a quarter moon in Cancer galvanizes your twelfth house of dreams and spiritual healing. Something miraculous and unexpected could happen that restores your faith in the universe; but you want to be a clear channel to call it in! The twelfth house is the “law of attraction” zone, so remember the rule: What you focus on expands. While we’re not suggesting you be a Pollyanna, if you’ve been harping on the half-empty glass or talking non-stop about a gloomy feeling, it’s no wonder you aren’t seeing all the beauty happening around you. Or maybe, in your Leo nobility and generosity, you’ve made too many sacrifices for other people and now you’re just drained. No matter the case, these moonbeams call for balance. Start by creating some space in your calendar to just relax and be. And if you happen to do that on a massage therapist’s table or in the soaking pools of a Korean spa, all the better. A quick way to turn things around is by using the power of gratitude. When you’re feeling unsettled, think of three things (or maybe just one if that’s all you can eke) that you love and appreciate. By the same token, don’t sweep legit emotions under the rug. This could be your call to set up appointments with a therapist, shaman, mentor, coach…some expert-level adviser who can help you process pain in a way that actually heals it.

Starting this Friday, October 5, you may feel the call to reunite with your oldest, dearest friends—especially the influential women in your world. Venus makes her biennial retrograde until November 16, first pivoting back through Scorpio and your family-minded fourth house until October 31, then slipping into Libra and your friendship sector until November 16th. Maybe it’s time to set up that other bedroom and invite guests, or better yet, meet for a jam-packed vacation somewhere new. Catch up over Micheladas at the stylish sidewalk bars of Mexico City or score Broadway tickets for a weekend of theater and shopping in NYC. If you want to bury the hatchet with a frenemy or difficult relative, skip the trip and take the process in much smaller “bytes.” With peacekeeping Venus off her game, you might rush to “make nice” only to find the unresolved issue rearing up ten times stronger. (Way to ruin that tour of Frida Kahlo’s house or those tickets to Hamilton, Leo…no thanks!) Start with a phone call and maybe a lunch date on neutral territory after that. Warning: Family and friends may be less than supportive for the next six weeks. Give yourself a time out if you keep hitting the same wall with your inner circle. Their care and concern could give you a case of claustrophobia! Of course, we teach people how to treat us, Leo. In your moments of venting, you may have ignited their protective natures, making them worry unnecessarily about your emotional wellbeing. Be more mindful of how you present your “woe is me!” moments. YOU might bounce back like an elastic band, but you can’t expect others to spring back and forth with your moods.

Venus is the planet of love and romance, and this retrograde reminds you that like attracts like. To draw in an emotionally-aware partner, you have to be tuned in to your own inner workings. By honoring your sentient self, your existing relationships will also improve. Bottom line: It’s not frivolous to feel! With this romantic retrograde going down in your domestic zone until Halloween, you may have to negotiate some new rules if you share a home with your partner. Do you have adequate space—for relaxing in privacy and doing your creative work? If not, you could be quite the cranky member of the lair. Of course, elbowing out your S.O. or family won’t work. Is it time to rent an outside studio for your memoir writing or band practice? If your home and workspaces just don’t feel cozy enough, make a few cosmetic upgrades now. But hold off on any massive renovation until Venus is back on track mid-November. Otherwise, you could spend a fortune making your bedroom look like a Moroccan riad only to wake up in six weeks to realize you’re more of a Midcentury kinda Lion. Um, oops?



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