Aquarius Weekly Horoscope (03/12/2018)(09/12/2018)


Stop, drop and strategize, Aquarius. Mercury is still on its retrograde tear until this Thursday, December 6—and since last Saturday, December 1, it’s been stirring the pot in Scorpio and your tenth house of career. As the zodiac’s futurist, your mind is always tuned towards, “What’s next?” Question is, are you racing forward at too fast a pace? And do you need to tighten up the basics or give yourself a more realistic timeline for production? Rather than relying on gut checks and guesswork, use the first half of the week to map out a project plan and budget. The facts will speak for themselves. Clashes with management (or anyone in a position of authority) could crop up—especially if you’ve given a certain bossypants a little too much say over your path. You’ve never been a huge fan of rules, but going rogue could threaten the powers-that-be. A better approach would be to pretend like you’re in basic training. (And grit your teeth when the drill sergeant-type blows that shrill and irritating whistle.) Learn the rules to the letter. That way you can break them, bend them or improve upon them from a knowledgeable place after Thursday—or perhaps, after the shadow of the retrograde passes on December 25—securing your spot as the innovative leader once again. If someone makes a power grab, you’ll have to stick up for yourself. This might be best achieved by reaching up to a friend on a higher rung who can effectively squash the matter. In all communications, be thoughtful. Embedding blame into an air-clearing convo can easily backfire.

Don’t turn to “window shopping” to soothe any unsettled feelings, however, because Friday’s mashup of spontaneous Mars and undisciplined Neptune in your second house of finances will provide a mighty foe for your impulse control. You might THINK you can waltz into a trendy boutique and walk out empty-handed, but when one-of-a-kind textured things wink at you and your debit card, you could lose some of that resolve. Rather than dig yourself deeper into debt, keep your funds on temporary lockdown. On the other hand, a well-researched necessity, like a new tablet, or an investment-worthy luxury item is okay since it’s not likely to be an emotional purchase, which is what you want to avoid. While you’re paying attention to your cash flow situation, have you been overlooking earning opportunities? Money may be sitting right under your nose and could come to light under this Mars-Neptune merger. The trouble is, you may be giving the milk away for free, not valuing your gift because it comes so naturally to you. One word, Water Bearer: Monetize. Someone’s gonna make some moola for that skill, and it might as well be you!

And we don’t have to remind you, the zodiac’s social butterfly, that the best things in life aren’t even things. (They’re people, obviously!) Thanks to Friday’s new moon in your communal eleventh house, you’ll feel like playing “crew glue” again. As the weekend erupts, bring your people together to blow off steam with some good, old-fashioned fun. You might even organize a holiday potluck or karaoke night. In between ballads, get talks underway about a New Year’s Airbnb rental. Since the eleventh house rules technology, this could be your galactic green light to ask Santa for that laptop. While you’re at it, spend a little time this weekend pruning your online friend lists, updating to new (and stronger) passwords, and making sure you represent true to 2018-19 glory on all your social media profiles.



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