5 unlikely pakora mixes that are actually really good


No one can deny that pakoras are an iftar staple.

Most of us can never tire of these delicious fried goodies, but at the same time, having pakoras every single day can get a little monotonous. It’s a conundrum, really.

So how do we manage to enjoy pakoras without getting bored by them? Ditch the usual onion, potato, chilli for more unusual ingredients.

Here are a few suggestions:


Photo credit: NOH
Photo credit: NOH

Boil eggs and toss them in your pakora mixture. These can actually be a favourite among children and taste wholesome.


Photo credits: Spicy Treats
Photo credits: Spicy Treats

You’d think cabbage in a pakora would taste bland but a pinch of salt seasons the cabbage and the water content leads to juicy pakoras!

Halloumi cheese

Photo credit: Tastemade
Photo credit: Tastemade

Halloumi is a Cypriot cheese, which is ideal for cooking on its own. Because of that, it makes for delicious pakoras. Try them!


Photo credits: Roti n Rice
Photo credits: Roti n Rice

We were hesitant to try pumpkin in pakoras but we quite enjoyed the fleshy pull apart texture.

Sweet potato

Photo credit: Hebbar's Kitchen
Photo credit: Hebbar’s Kitchen

This is a favourite! Use the same recipe as you would for potato pakoras and the slightly sweet taste and the soft texture is going to be a huge hit!