Aquarius Horoscope (Oct 12, 2020 – Oct 18, 2020)


The week starts on a rocky note when Mercury goes into retrograde in Scorpio, your work sector, on Tuesday (cue scary music). For the next couple of weeks, remember to back up all your important files and double-check to make sure you didn’t hit “reply all” before sending an e-mail. Trust us.

Thankfully, things get better when the new moon is in Libra on Friday. This new moon is in your philosophy sector and encouraging ideas and adventure. A new discovery could completely change your point of view—and you dig it! Keep expanding your mind!

However, Sunday brings a day of reflection when the sun in Libra squares Saturn in Capricorn, making you investigate some of your deeply buried feelings. Do you have some emotional skeletons hanging in the closet? Don’t let them continue to gather cobwebs. Toss them out!