Aquarius Weekly Horoscope (31/12/2018)(06/01/2019)


New Year’s Eve is on Monday this year, and close to midnight, firecracker Mars jets into Aries in your laid-back third house (until Valentine’s Day), changing your mood from “black tie” to “black leather jacket.” Skip the overpriced tickets and stuffy VIP affairs, which aren’t really an Aquarius’ bag anyway. To ring in 2019 in a memorable way, all you really require is the company of your BFFs. With your community-spirited third house alighted, you’re perfectly fine meeting at a smaller, neighborhood venue or even a friend’s apartment. If nothing’s happening in your ‘hood, commute to a nearby city and sip bubbly with the locals. Single? This flirtatious lunar energy sets you up for a fun midnight kiss—and some post-midnight hanky panky, should you choose. That snogger might even be someone from your friend zone. (Surprise!) Coupled Water Bearers, we’d never tell you to rein it in, but be mindful of how your “innocent” banter affects your other half. It’s all fun and games until someone gets jelly!

Career goals get a major booster shot on New Year’s Day, when creatrix Venus links up with the Scorpio moon in your ambitious tenth house. You’ll feel like you can accomplish anything, Aquarius, so make the most of this can-do cosmic occurrence. True, it is “off time” and people probably won’t return your call or email until at least Thursday. But don’t let that stop you from getting all the pieces in place. Compose any inspired messages and save them to drafts. Once you’re back at the office, you can hit “send” AND the accelerator and blast ahead. The moon-Venus mashup can help you win the ear of decision makers and position yourself as an influencer yourself. Send off a few genuine, but also strategic, “Happy New Year” texts to people who you’d like to see more of professionally in 2019.

This Saturday, January 5, marks the annual new moon in Capricorn and your twelfth house of transitions. Get ready, Aquarius. This one packs extra oomph because it happens to be a solar eclipse. Out of nowhere, things you were ignoring could start to agitate you—especially anything (or anyone!) that is just plain “extra.” But you’ll also have a sweet surge of momentum to clean up all those things you brushed under the rug. These moonbeams will catalyze your first make-better mission of the year. What will reduce stress and increase serenity: Setting up a creative studio, recommitting to your yoga and healthy eating practices, training alongside a master, opening your heart to love again? Coming up with a sensible plan for your goals will be easier than ever—and you’ll be amazed by what you can manifest by the final Capricorn lunar eclipse on July 16! For some Aquarians, the next six months may be your window for tying up loose ends and bringing projects to completion so you can move on to the next big thing. No need to shock your system by racing away in the cloak of the night. Devise a gentle exit strategy so you can leave with loving connections intact.

It won’t be easy to find support for these self-improvement missions starting Sunday, January 6, when your ruler, unpredictable Uranus, ends a five-month retrograde and resumes forward motion in your social third house. If you’ve felt a bit out of the loop since August 7, you’ll be back in the hub of the hive now! Finding kindred spirits will be easier once again, so even if people disappointed you in 2018, shake it off and get involved in the community. While you’re at it, reflect on how much you depend on others for your happiness. Friends are indeed a precious gift, but true, lasting joy comes from within. Find your bliss then share it with others. By the time your birthday season rolls around on January 20, your social calendar will runneth over, but this time, with you leading the charge.



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