Capricorn Horoscope (Sep 14, 2020 – Sep 20, 2020)


Intimacy issues come up in surprising ways as Venus in Libra squares Uranus in Taurus on Tuesday. You may struggle with feeling independent and individualistic or connecting with others. If you feel the need to push people away, Capricorn, try to get to the heart of that issue.

Your workaholic nature goes into overdrive when the sun and new moon in Virgo trine Saturn in your sign on Thursday. You have many projects you’re very excited about, but take a moment to figure out how you can manage your time more efficiently. Yes, that means scheduling a time to eat.

Don’t try to outsmart your common sense when Mercury in Libra squares Pluto in your sign on Sunday. What starts as a very simple conversation could become more complex as you try to make a problem harder than it has to be. Don’t overthink it.