Capricorn Weekly Horoscope (07/01/2019)(13/01/2019)


Let the fantasies begin! This Monday, January 7, quixotic Venus comes in for a soft landing in Sagittarius and your dreamy twelfth house until February 3. You may be a grounded Capricorn, but over the next four weeks, practical matters take a backseat to soulful affairs of the heart. For some folks, that would come with a strongly worded warning label, but in your case, Cap, this is probably a very GOOD thing. It’s not easy for your disciplined and motivated sign to let go of the control panels and allow things to follow their own organic course. After all, that’s how life gets messy! But in reality, you’re not actually pulling all the strings. And by accepting—and maybe even embracing—that fact, you will grow and expand. During this four-week transit, your love life may undergo some plot twists, but roll with them. Single Goats could meet someone who ticks all your boxes—but are they the real deal? Come down off Cloud Nine long enough to put it to the test. Couples may enjoy doing something creative together: Any class, activity or workshop where you’re equally skilled or novice is ideal. In general, you’ll be in your innovative element, so find time in your busy schedule to download the muse. The twelfth house rules healing and transitions, so if there are any rumblings of trouble in paradise, this is a perfect time to take them to a therapist or counselor.

Friday’s starry forecast is a big deal for everyone, but for no one more than you, Capricorn! This day marks the annual alignment of the confident Sun and alchemical Pluto in your sign, which can trigger the changes you’ve been hoping/praying for. Your personal power and magnetism will be off the charts, and you can accomplish something major—or get something monumental off the ground. But take a moment to check in with this. Is it in sync with your heart as well as your professional ambitions? And—the question we always forget to ask—will it benefit others besides just you? With Pluto (and Saturn) making a long, slow crawl through your sign, you’ve been learning some mighty lessons, including how to set and pursue high-minded goals. One thing to stay aware of today: With shadowy Pluto figuring so prominently, be slow to reveal too much about your plans or personal life. “Someone” may not be playing by your high-integrity rules.

Hold your cards even closer to your vest on Sunday, when mystifying Neptune in your communication corner scrambles the signals coming from zealous Jupiter in your imaginative twelfth house. Distinguishing hopes from reality and fact from fiction may be a mission impossible. Don’t take anything at face value and should somebody try to pressure you into making an important decision, be straightforward about having grave doubts or needing more information. If they ARE trying to play you, your candor will disarm them and possibly cause them to back away. Even in casual interactions, be direct and frank about your desires. This is the first of three Jupiter-Neptune squares in 2019. The next two are on June 16 and September 21, but this hazy mist could linger throughout the year. Proceed with classic Capricorn caution!



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