Pisces Horoscope (Aug 17, 2020 – Aug 23, 2020)


 Lifestyle and wellness issues get a boost on Monday as a lively meeting of the sun and brainy Mercury encourages you to streamline your routines. This may be something you’ve been focusing on over recent weeks, but this time some good advice can help you zero in on your main goals and concerns and work efficiently to create the outcome you desire.

With the new moon in this same sector on Tuesday, this is the perfect time to initiate new practices. If you want to eat better, exercise more, and generally be more productive, this is a great opportunity to let go of whatever is holding you back and embrace new, more positive habits.

Relationships are emphasized from midweek as lively Mercury and the radiant sun move into Virgo. The coming weeks are perfect for cooperation and communication. You are better off working as part of a team than going it alone because you’ll be able to accomplish much more.