Scorpio Horoscope (Jan 13, 2020 – Jan 19, 2020)


Your mind holds the secret to success, and where you place your attention can be the key to moving up the ladder or taking a step back. Last week, the intense focus on your sector of talk and thought may have made you aware of the need to change your mindset.

The sun links to taskmaster Saturn and underworld Pluto on Monday, and you may now understand why this is so valuable. Even a small shift in attitude can bring positive results in your experience. Once you get a taste of how this works, you can then master your destiny.

Could romance be in the air? With delectable Venus moving into your romance sector on Monday, this dreamy influence could see you eager to break the ice. This sensitive energy can make it easier to connect with others because you can tune in to their moods and feelings and get a sense of what motivates them.

Finally, do you need to get organized at home? Mercury’s presence in Aquarius starting on Thursday can help with this