This local food map will help you find some yummy desi eats


Featuring 211 halal food dishes from across the country, Assam Altaf’s Pakistani Traditional Food Map is here to help you navigate you through some yummy food.

Divided through geographical locations and classified through province, the map covers food from all over Balochistan, Gilgit Baltistan, Punjab, Sindh, Kyhber-Pakhtunkhawa as well as Kashmir.

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First Complete Traditional Food Map of Pakistan 211 Local Food of Pakistan World’s biggest Halal food country In this blog i am going to reveal pakistan’s first ever complete traditional food map, Which is going to be breaking news for many women in pakistan, chefs of Pakistan and specially those who is foodie or food lover along with traveling. This is not just a map its a life seriously its a life, A life with full of taste and beautiful food smells. Pakistani Food map is going to be solution of every day problem, at least now if some one ask you what to eat or cook today then for sure you are going to pick from this list if you are truly desi food lover. i am going to tell you how this map help many local and domestic tourists including restaurant & cafe’s Businesses. My goal is to see this map in every kitchen of Pakistan Concept & Design Process This Idea came to my mind 2 month back while i was busy working on my karachi tourist map and when you think about karachi then food will come to your mind automatically, So i have decided to making a platform for the world from there they can find all details of Pakistani Food and Serving restaurants. when i started on data collections so many dishes names appear in front of me that i am un-aware off and i did not even knew that they exist. but now i am excited to share with the world and the best thing is you can easily find those food details in this same website. This Pakistani Food Map Design of Base map is complete map of pakistan including Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan, Punjab, Sindh, Kyber Pakhtunkhawa and Balochistan. Woden Texture shows the table effect in which food has been served by Pakistani different Provinces. Food item has been placed according to there originated like Punjabi food has been places in Punjab Province, and Sindhi food is placed in Sindh Side of the map. and there are many food items or dishes which is common in pakistan so i place them randomly to fill the blank space. This Pakistani food map took around 2 months to be eligible to be presented in front of the world.. read more in my blog #PakistaniTraditionalFoodMap #FoodMapOfPakistan Follow : @pakistanatlas

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“This map is going to be the solution to everyday problems. At least now if someone asks you what to eat or cook today, then you are for sure going to pick from this list if you are truly a desi food lover,” says Altaf, as he focuses on domestic local foods easily available throughout the regions.

“When I started on data collection, many dishes appeared in front of me that I was unaware of,” he added, saying that he was excited to share the names with everyone.

From Punjabi Shakar Pary to Nargisi Kofta in Sindh, Pakhtun Kabuli Pulao to Gilgiti Diram Fitti, Balochi Dampukht and Kashmiri Shab-Daig – which one is your personal favourite?