Virgo Weekly Horoscope (07/01/2019)(13/01/2019)


Cozy times are in store starting this Monday, January 7, as comfy, aesthetically minded Venus strides into Sagittarius and your domestic fourth house until February 3. Take a moment to get Chez Virgo into tiptop shape (if it’s not already) so you can chill in peace and not keep jumping up to dust or tidy up this or that. Then don your favorite onesie, slip your perfectly pedicured feet into your bunny slippers, grab an alpaca throw and stake your place on the couch. These next four weeks—when you’re not working or romancing at THEIR place, are all about deep chilling. Especially if the holidays were hectic for you, this is your time to unwind, relax and recharge those constantly draining Virgo batteries. Dive into a menu of cooking, baking, reading and binge-watching all the Netflix your heart can handle. Venus is the love planet, so presumably you won’t be stirring those soups and cueing up those rom-coms by your lonesome! If you’re single, get out often enough to meet a worthy match—or if you can’t muster the energy, swipe your way to a love connection. Couples will enjoy the homey vibe so much that conversations about “next steps” won’t be strained in the least—especially if you’ve both got bambinos on the brain!

But have a couple fun outfits ready to slip into this weekend, Virgo! On Friday, the Sun makes its annual mashup with galvanizing Pluto in your fifth house of amour and glamour, and you won’t be able to keep things low-key if you tried. You’re not usually found at the center of a buzzing hive—too noisy and competitive!—but this once-a-year energy may just make a performer out of you. There’s a way to put yourself front and center and be the life of the party without turning it into an ego trip. This is about not being afraid to show your true colors, whether that’s your quirky personality or your unique talents. Open up the vault and let the world see what you’ve been working on behind the scenes. As the Lord of the Underworld, Pluto can help you dredge things up from way beneath the surface. And as the natural ruler of the erotic eighth house, he can give you a needed shove in the seduction department. IF you need it! This soulful sync-up can make a total minx out of you. In an LTR? What micro (or macro) shifts are needed to make you feel like “this is it”? You might be able to initiate a conversation around this, but if not, follow the old rule and show, don’t tell!

Sunday’s stars may force you to reexamine the balance of power in a key relationship. Thanks to a rare clash between self-assured Jupiter in your home zone and sensitive Neptune in your partnership corner, you might finally reach the point where something you’ve been sweeping under Aunt Helen’s hook rug simply HAS to come out in the open. While Jupiter gives you the confidence to be candid, Neptune can scramble your message. Make sure you know exactly what you want to say—and if you don’t, work on it until it’s crystal-clear. Better to wait and get it right than make matters worse. This is the first of three Jupiter-Neptune squares in 2019. The next two are on June 16 and September 21, and this theme will color much of your year.



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