Virgo Weekly Horoscope (17/12/2018)(23/12/2018)


On Thursday, December 20, you may be faced with an intriguing challenge: how to draw a tighter ring around your inner circle without barring any worthy new candidates from entry. It’s not that you want to be insular, Virgo—just intimate. With the Sun in your close friends and family zone until December 21, it’s heart-to-heart connections you’re longing for. But on Thursday el Sol spoons spontaneous Uranus, inviting you to loosen your boundaries and try some social experimentation. Take the “risk” to mix things up a bit, planning smaller group hangs with your soul squad, plus one or two fresh recruits. It might take a minute for everyone to warm up to each other, so don’t freak out if it isn’t an instant lovefest. If you need to break the ice, share something personal. This is your week to play the lead, and it might mean setting the stage for more confessional conversations with your crew. Some Virgos might be dying for a “greener” social scene. Activist Uranus may steer you towards groups that are working to help raise awareness around climate change or the environmental impact of our everyday lives. Get involved—it’s a great way to meet people who also care about the world.

Starting Friday, you could find yourself playing spokesperson (or spokesmodel!) for a worthy cause as the Sun sweeps into Capricorn and illuminates your fifth house of fame, passion and romance until January 20. Even if you’re just posting your curated OOTDs, the camera—and stage—will love you, baby. This festive solar cycle arrives just in time every year, removing restraints and granting you permission to be a holiday hedonist. A romantic renaissance may be in the offing over the next four weeks, so lighten up the mood and let Cupid and Vixen be your spirit reindeer. Single? Park yourself in places where you’re likely to meet the kind of person you could get serious about. Head to more events where it’s not all couples—concerts, discussion groups. At least you’ll have some common ground to get the conversation started. Already attached? Come out from under the king-sized fleece blanket and fete the season with parties, cultural events and dress-up double dates. You’ll be the cutest couple on the circuit, making for even hotter times back at the base!



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