Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Virgo Weekly Horoscope

(August 23 – September 22)

WEEK OF March 7 – 1 3, 2022

Dynamic duos time! Starting Wednesday, March 9, two is your magic number (again?) as your cosmic co-pilot, communicative Mercury, swings into Pisces and your seventh house of partnership until March 27. If you’ve been NOT speaking your truth in a certain relationship, it’s time to open up and let it rip. This could apply to a love connection or a professional collaboration—or for a connection you’d LIKE to be involved in. The articulate messenger planet gives you the power of persuasion AND the willingness to initiate difficult discussions. Under this annual transit, your negotiating skills are at a peak, increasing the likelihood of creating a win-win. This is also a sweet time to blend business and pleasure, especially if you and bae have the kind of complementary skills to launch an entrepreneurial venture together. Single Virgos can change your relationship status—if you’re peered into your shadow and expunged anything that has undermined your best efforts in the past. First thing to check in with your heart on: Are you truly ready for a commitment? If so, plan to get proactive in the coming weeks and explore new venues, both IRL and online dating sites. And don’t be shy about asking friends to make (well-considered) introductions. What NOT to do: Hang out at home in stretched-out yoga pants waiting for the phone to ring. Pro tip: It probably won’t.

Thursday’s quarter moon in Gemini and your professional tenth house elbows you to take some well-deserved time away from the office—or just your work—and reflect on your career trajectory. But before you can plan for the future (also the domain of the tenth house), check in on your current happiness levels! Are you satisfied with the direction your work is taking you? Here’s an easy way to assess things: Do you wake up every morning excited to start another day, or do you have to force yourself to even open your computer? Today’s recalibrating quarter moon is a perfect moment to initiate any desired changes. As an interactive air sign, Gemini understands that work success often hinges more on WHO than on what you know. Let this uplifting lunar light inspire you to network more and build a stronger contact database. People in the right places can help open doors for you, but you need to nurture those relationships slowly and organically.

The twosome energy gets even stronger this weekend as the generous Sun and dreamy Neptune hold their annual meetup in Pisces and your relationship house. While the Sun is ready to go all in, nebulous Neptune can blur the boundaries. Stay self-aware enough to NOT make promises under pressure. It’ll be a little too easy to agree to more than you’re comfortable with, especially if someone you love is in a jam. Empowering them without enabling their dependency should be your first and only goal.

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