This Pakistani Claims He Looks Like Karan Johar And It’s Going Viral


Karan Johar is quite the celebrity. He’s not just both brilliant and sassy director, and one of the most venerated artists of the industry. He’s also got himself quite the vibrant personality when he’s not managing his multi-millionaire production house – he’s mingling with Bollywood’s finest, partying it up into the wee hours of the morning and hosting his iconic ‘Koffee With Karan’ too where we get a taste of his delicious persona.

Usman Khan recently took to Twitter to claim that he’s been dubbed Karan’s doppelganger, with a photo of himself where he does, in fact seriously look like the director himself

I mean, just LOOK AT IT – he’s even nailed the pout!

Source: @bajisitanren/Twitter

The resemblance is legit so uncanny, even Karan retweeted it and was completely ‘speechless’



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