Shoaib Malik Changed His Look For Sania Mirza And She Had The Sweetest Response


Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza are still Pakistan’s official couple goals, even after all these years of marriage.


Our beloved bhabi, from across the border, has managed to woo everyone in our country with her warmth and love towards us and Pakistanis adore the couple. Pakistanis even went ballistic when they got to know that the couple would soon be welcoming their first child.

The obsession with these cuties is REAL!


Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik have never shied away from a little, healthy PDA and it’s totally adorbs!


Look at how cute they are! Ugh, my heart.

Keeping the tradition alive, Sania Bhabi Ji took to Instagram earlier this week to inform her husband that he is being missed!

Bhabi Ji discreetly added a little request in the side note. “Come back soon and maybe without the stubble.

Gotta give credit to her for not only being strong and independent, but pretty smart too. Makkhan lagaow and then baat manwaow!

So, Shoaib Malik responded to her innocent request just how a good husband should.

Yep – he got rid of the stubble. Take note, boys. Shoaib Malik just added another thing to my list of unrealistic expectations my husband has to fulfill.

He sported his new look for his lovely wife, and for the world, to see and people went gaga over this PDA!

source: Instagram

This cuteness had our, and everyone else’s, hearts melting!

source: Instagram/realshoaibmalik/


source: Instagram/realshoaibmalik/

Begum is always right

source: Instagram/realshoaibmalik/

However, the display of love did not end just there as Bhabi Ji soon responded with an equally loving response!

They are so so so cute! Did you see how she used “we”? Love is in the air and we can’t help but be awed by it!

This has to be the best thing on the internet for now!

source: Instagram/mirzasaniar/

source: Instagram/mirzasaniar/

Everyone wants a hubby like Shoaib Malik after this. 

source: Instagram/mirzasaniar/

Cuteness overload.

source: Instagram/mirzasaniar/

Shoaib Malik goes on to prove that “wife knows best.”

The before and after shots of Shoaib Malik reinstate the fact that biwi ki baat sunni chahie! I mean, see it for your self!


source: Instagram/realshoaibmalik/


source: Instagram/realshoaibmalik/

I mean, is it just me or did he just go 10-15 years back in time! He legit looks like a teenage version of himself! We wholeheartedly thank Sania bhabi for this. Otherwise, we would never have been able to experience this.

Malik Bhai and Mirza Bhabi won the internet with this cute gesture so it was bound to catch up! Soon other cricketers began to join in to please the loves of their lives. 



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