Capricorn Weekly Horoscope (03/12/2018)(09/12/2018)


Keep the red-velvet ropes raised around the Capricorn Crew, but make sure you add some old acquaintances to your VIP guest list. Social director Mercury is rounding out a retrograde that began this past November 16, and will mercifully correct course this Thursday, December 6. But for the final four days of the backspin, he’ll flashdance through Scorpio and your eleventh house of community. There’s no time like the present to raise a glass of cheer with friends from back in the day. Maybe it’s time to get the band back together or rejoin an organization that once held a special place in your heart. Don’t make this too complicated. All that matters is that you’re in the same space as your squad, even if that means meeting for yoga and brunch or doing a Google Hangout. On a technical note, be careful with home electronics this week since the eleventh house governs technology—a bit of a double whammy. Backup data and protect your devices from water damage and shield confidential information with a strong password. (And don’t forget to hide those personal tabs when you step away from your phone or PC. If you’re pruning email, do so with care so you don’t permanently delete any important messages. But you never know: You might discover an important communication that’s been sitting, unread, in your Inbox. Score!

On Friday, step away from the spreadsheets and client call lists and get your weekend off to an early start. No sign is more driven than Capricorn, but all work and no play makes for one dull goat. With impulsive Mars and boundary-free Neptune hosting a mixer in your social third house, what you REALLY need is to tear away the power suit and unleash your wicked sense of humor. Don’t worry if you shock a few folks with your impish antics and quips; that’ll only make them that much more fun. Take the same gloves-off approach with friends. If certain relationships aren’t going the way you’d like, don’t settle! Use wit to address matters to get your connection back on track. But ixnay on heavy conversations! Since the third house also rules your local scene, this is a perfect time to play Marco Polo. What’s new—or new to you—in your zip code? With eyes open and ears peeled you could stumble upon a cool new boutique, Pilates studio or sushi place that you never noticed before. Or be a lightning rod and launch your own special interest group to connect like minded folks.

Also on Friday, a new moon sails through your twelfth house of completions, helping you tie up loose ends before 2018 is through. After all, you certainly don’t need to drag any baggage into 2019—physically or emotionally. Clean out your closets, donating items to charity or selling the haul online for some holiday gift-shopping credits. Then, do a sweep of your social media, blocking randos and removing people whose politics make you nauseous from your visible feeds. This new moon could bring helpful guides your way, like mentors, coaches and healing practitioners. With your ruler Saturn in your sign, you’re deep into the self-development zone. Let Santa know that you’d love to be gifted a session with one of these gurus instead of an object that will just clutter up your closet at the end of the day.



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