Aquarius Horoscope (Mar 2, 2020 – Mar 8, 2020)


With chatty Mercury continuing its retrograde phase and moving back into your sign midweek, it would be just as well to take extra care when signing anything or purchasing big-ticket items. Whatever you do, read the fine print and keep the relevant paperwork and receipts.

As sweet Venus enters your home zone for the rest of the month, her presence can inspire you to beautify your place. Whether you just need a splash of paint or you want to make more extensive changes, you’ll be in your element and loving every moment. By the time you finish, you’ll feel very proud of what you’ve accomplished.

Go easy with money over the weekend, though, because a dreamy sun-Neptune merger could find you giving money away to charity or purchasing things for others. Be kind, but it would also be wise to set yourself some limits.

In addition, an unexpected guest could bring a positive and delightful vibe to your home on Sunday.