Aquarius Horoscope (Nov 2, 2020 – Nov 8, 2020)


The world looks completely different to you now that pesky Mercury finally turns direct on Tuesday. For the last few weeks, you may have been battling with misunderstandings, confusion, and suffering from a classic case of foot-in-mouth disease. But those days are over. Now that Mercury is moving forward in lovely Libra, you can get your ideas across clearly and accurately. People will be charmed by your quirks, not turned off by your wild ideas.

Mercury is in your philosophy sector for the rest of the week, encouraging you to try to understand other people’s points of view and belief systems. You won’t believe how much you’ll discover!

Unfortunately, Friday ruins some of your fun as Mercury squares Saturn in Capricorn. It reminds you not to get so lost in these new ideas that you lose all sense of reality. Balance is the key here, Aquarius.