Aquarius Horoscope (Nov 30, 2020 – Dec 6, 2020)


Let your freak flag fly! On Monday, the lunar eclipse in Gemini and your sector of pleasure makes you more creative and freer to express yourself. If you want to wear an ugly sweater, put it on! Don’t listen to anyone else’s opinion of your tastes or behavior. As long as it makes you feel good and isn’t hurting anyone, it’s fine!

Starting Tuesday, your social life gets the spotlight when Mercury enters Sagittarius. Mercury is in your social sector, making you more aware of the people and community structures around you. This is a good time to check in on your friends and lend your voice to important causes.

Remember to listen when Venus in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces on Saturday. You could be getting some feedback that you don’t want to hear but need to hear. Be open, Aquarius. It’s not all bad!