Aquarius Horoscope (Oct 26, 2020 – Nov 1, 2020)


You’re probably one of the most enigmatic signs in the zodiac. Even your best friends probably can’t describe you. However, while you love the idea of being aloof and mysterious, it’s time to drop the act when Venus enters Libra on Tuesday. It may be almost Halloween, but it’s important for you lose the costume and show people some of your true self. It will be worth it.

Halloween is on Saturday! The night of mischief is made extra magical with the full moon in Taurus, the second full moon of the month, also known as a blue moon. The full moon is in your family sector that day, encouraging you to schedule a boo-tiful day with your loved ones, if you can, and get into all kinds of Halloween mischief!

Also on Halloween, the sun in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus, giving you one last twist before the month ends. Don’t get too spooked, Aquarius!