Aquarius Weekly Horoscope (17/12/2018)(23/12/2018)


You’re as chill as they come, Aquarius—MOST of the time. But when you’re abuzz with inspiration or fired up about an injustice (or simply can’t contain one of your genius wisecracks), there’s no holding you back. This Thursday, December 20, will be one of 2018’s finest “filters off” days. The Sun in unvarnished Sagittarius will mash up with your ruler, shock-jock Uranus, in your communication center. Speak your truth and stick up for what you believe in. With your persuasive perspective, your memes and tweets could go viral. Just be clear about your audience BEFORE you unleash. Your words could come across as overtly combative—or a way-too-soon joke could bomb. Is there a holiday charity that’s been speaking to your heart? As the Sun’s fuel powers up that Uranian-ruled humanitarian spirit of yours, you could rally your friend group for a “make the world a better place” mission. Or just play secret Santa for people in your community by making an anonymous donation or dropping in to help someone who is struggling, but too proud to ask for an assist.

On Friday, settle down for that month-long winter’s nap. The Sun makes its annual sojourn through Capricorn and your numinous twelfth house until January 20. These four weeks leading up to your birthday can be the most low-key time of year. This vibe lends itself well to cozy moments by the fire; but since this is also high season for socializing, take lots of disco naps and revel in the fact that “pajama dressing” can still be passed off as couture. (Oh, tidings of COMFORT and Zzzzzzzzz….) Whenever possible, set your status to “away”, and make a point of being present with the people you’re with (non-virtually). Need to get away? There’s no better time for exploring your inner landscape, as your subconscious mind will be lit! To capture those divine downloads, spend time, daily, in solitude. How about starting a 21-day meditation challenge right after Christmas? As you reflect and introspect, you may realize that it’s time to let go of an untenable situation or a toxic vice. Avoid false positivity or “spiritual bypass,” by first allowing yourself to hash through your shadowy emotions with an objective sounding board. You have to go there in order to get to your truth, Aquarius. Then, the love and light can emerge from an honest place, one that also gives you the space to gracefully point out an issue that needs to be amended—or forgiven! This solar surge can help you clear out things in your physical world as well. Tackle a decluttering mission by breaking it into small sections. A sustained campaign to remove the excess from one room—or closet—at a time will leave you feeling lighter and freer by the time the Sun blasts into Aquarius on January 20.



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