Aries Weekly Horoscope (31/12/2018)(06/01/2019)


Pull out the stops on December 31, Aries, even if earlier this Monday, you find yourself wondering if you should just pick up some champagne and stay in. At 9:20PM EST your ruler, red-hot Mars, bursts into Aries for the first time in two years! Although the celestial homecoming party wages on until Valentine’s Day, why not start it off with an extra round of fireworks? If you’ve been waiting for an occasion to wear that indie-label cocktail dress and killer, over-the-knee boots—or the velvet blazer and vintage, ruffled tuxedo shirt—this would be it! Make sure your hair and makeup are Instagram-ready, then turn your pumpkin into a coach and head off into the night. Since the turn of a year can dredge up some deep emotions, spend the early part of Monday with supportive sounding boards who will happily replay the best and worst moments of 2018—and maybe even help you see the humor in it all. Second to laughter, nothing’s more therapeutic than dancing. Pro tip: Tuck a pair of flats in your bag if you’re rocking the insane heels! With Mars in your sign until Valentine’s Day, the year will be off to an active and independent start. Put your personal projects and wishes at the top of the list. Everyone will benefit when YOU are happy and fulfilled.

Plan to stay in bed for most of New Year’s Day as the moon and decadent Venus spoon in Scorpio and your seductive, captivating eighth house. If you’re not nursing a hangover (and even if you are) you could start 2019 feeling like a sexy siren. This is an influential day for setting intentions and making a vision board, in racy loungewear, of course. Passion is definitely on the agenda, but this merger also brings some deep, introspective moments that you may or may not care to share with friends or your lover. You could have an epiphany about your fears, resentments or other heavy-duty emotions like anger or jealousy. Scorpio’s power is transformative (think of the Phoenix rising from the ashes), so rather than allowing them to hold you back, look at ways to use them as guideposts to show you what your heart most deeply desires.

The first new moon of the year arrives on Saturday, January 5—and this one is a turbo-charged solar eclipse in Capricorn and your tenth house of ambitious goals. Think long and hard about what you want your career to look like in 2019—even if it’s more WFB (Work from Beach) days or passive income to replace those exhausting hours at your computer. Whatever you initiate now could bring a profitable bumper crop by the corresponding lunar (full moon) eclipse on July 16, or the year’s third Capricorn eclipse on December 26! If you’re on the job hunt, start circulating on LinkedIn and, if you’re more advanced on your path, work with a recruiter. Need to make your skills 2019-relevant? Sign up for coaching sessions or apply to be part of a prestigious certification program. Do you work for yourself? Make a list of people you want to pitch and connect to so you can start setting up power lunches when you’re back at your desk next week.

The week wraps with ONE more momentous metamorphosis. On Sunday, game-changing Uranus resumes forward motion after a five-month retrograde slog. You’ve hosted the revolutionary disruptor on and off since March 11, 2011, and it kept your renegade spirit strong. But oh, the chaos that came in its wake! Last May 16, you passed the Uranian torch to Taurus, and settled into a more stable groove. But on November 6, 2018, the side-spinning planet retreated back into Aries for one final hurrah. Plans that felt set in stone earlier in 2018 may have taken a sharp turn in an unexpected direction—a reminder from the universe that a Ram should never settle…or settle down QUITE that much. With Uranus resuming forward motion on Sunday, make it your mission to distill the most important “know thyself” lessons of the past eight years. As wild a ride as it’s been, you’ve stretched and learned SO much from the process and you don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. What’s the most adventurous line item on your bucket list, Aries? Have you been pondering a game-changing move? Make the most of liberated Uranus’ last hurrah through your sign and go for it while you’re feeling this daring, because on March 6, he’ll make his final exit, not to return to your sign for eighty-plus years!



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