Cancer Horoscope (Nov 16, 2020 – Nov 22, 2020)


Your relationships get an extra boost of luck on Monday when Venus in Libra squares Jupiter in Capricorn, making this an opportune time to spend time with loved ones and strengthen any relationship bonds you have going on. This aspect is for one night only, so make it count!

Then, take charge of your destiny as Mercury in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus on Tuesday. The energy will be wild, fast-paced, and a little unpredictable. However, you’re capable of navigating rough waters and able to steer your ship to shore. You are a water sign, after all. You got this, Cancer!

After a hectic week, the weekend gets steamy when Venus enters Scorpio on Saturday. Venus in your pleasure sector will make the next four weeks seductive and passionate. This is a great time to start a love affair, find new forms of self-expression through art, and focus on life’s beauty.