Gemini Horoscope (Aug 31, 2020 – Sep 6, 2020)


 A full moon in the topmost sector of your chart indicates that you might be ready to share a message or promote an idea. This lunar phase aligns harmoniously with innovative Uranus, so watch out for any intuitive nudges. They may enhance creativity and enable you to stand out from the crowd.

Thoughtful Mercury aligns with potent Pluto on the same day, and deeper processes encourage you to process those issues that are keeping you stuck. If you have someone to talk to about such matters, this could be very healing. Cooperative Venus opposes closed-off Saturn, though, so that element of trust may be missing for a while. Certain issues or experiences might be too sensitive to talk about with others, or so it seems. When you realize that you’re human just like everyone else, it might not be so daunting to open your heart.

Finally, messenger Mercury moves into your romance zone over the weekend, so you may find that you click with someone who is a brilliant conversationalist.