Here is the complete schedule for Lahooti Melo 2020


The Lahooti Melo was initially planning to kick off in January but had to be postponed.

Due to harsh weather conditions in Jamshoro, it got pushed to February 14 – 16. Lahooti Melo’s theme this year is Climate Action – Eco not Ego (yes, the irony is not lost on us) with the aim being to challenge, inform, and engage audiences in conversation about environment and climate change through numerous power talks, panel discussions, workshops, screenings and performances.

With the event scheduled for this weekend at Mehran University, the organisation has released the timetable for all three days. Here’s what’s going on at the culturural festival:

The first day has a few sessions after the inauguration session

The second day is all about meaningful discussions on climate change

And the third and final day celebrates the activists and artists making a change

There will be workshops

And of course, a lot of music!