Leo Horoscope (Aug 24, 2020 – Aug 30, 2020)


There’s a focus on worldly and materialistic signs this month, so you might be ready to take a closer look at your resources. This can be a chance to consider your talents and abilities and whether you’re making the best use of them. You might also want to look at how you can enhance your income, and this could involve taking on jobs or contracts that are better suited to your current needs.

With lively Mercury in the mix linking to restless Uranus and expansive Jupiter, you can absorb much knowledge by being willing to listen to advice and see things from a new perspective.

Finally, lovely Venus in your spiritual sector can be a call to tune into yourself and link with your heart’s desire. What do you really want to do? Reflection and meditation can help you discern the truth, and it might not be what you think.