Libra Weekly Horoscope (07/01/2019)(13/01/2019)


Your mojo officially returns on Monday, January 7, as your gracious galactic guardian, Venus, strides into Sagittarius and your flirty, expressive third house until February 3. The holidays may be behind you, but there’s one last cosmic present, and that’s the gift of gab—in spades! Whether you’re looking for a collaborator, new friends to go dancing with or a romantic partner, you have merely to open your glossy lips, and you’ll have ’em at bon jour. But use this power selectively, Libra. It’ll be easy to reel ’em in, but if you’re not playing for keeps, you don’t want the bad karma that comes from leading anyone on. If it is love you’re looking for, set the bar high and keep it there—even if you just want to keep it casual. You’re sending a message to the universe—and to your unconscious mind—when you hold others to your own elevated standards. You don’t have to dismiss people after a five-minute chat, but don’t let things drag on once it’s clear this is a “no-go.” On the other hand, don’t be TOO quick to write someone off just because they don’t come in the usual “aesthetic Libra” packaging. You don’t like to be judged solely by your appearance, so extend that same courtesy to others. Meaningful conversations will be couples’ favorite aphrodisiac over the next four weeks. Whether you’re discussing the books you’re reading, having lively political conversations or just talking about intimate aspects of your relationship, you can deepen your bond with soulful dialogue. Make sure to be a good, active listener. And since the third house also rules casual friendships and local happenings, leave enough time in your busy romantic life to just have some FUN with your pals—the closer to home the better.

Friday’s stars introduce a whole different element, as the ego-driven Sun and mysterious Pluto merge in grounded Capricorn and your fourth house of home and family. As the ruler of all things subterranean, Pluto prompts you to dive deep—into your life, emotions and intimate relationships. If you’ve been hoping to get closer to someone in your world, this is the diem to carpe! Don’t shy away from intense and personal topics, Libra. People feel more connected to you when you allow yourself to be vulnerable. Let your sweetie know why you’re sad. Call your parents. Invite a lonely friend over for dinner. This Sun-Pluto pairing will blast the doors off your chamber of secrets, and for once you may be relieved to get something off your chest. (Hence the 12-step motto “We’re only as sick as our secrets.”) One possible downside? Someone in your inner circle might be acting competitively or jealously. If that happens, remind yourself that this is about them not you, and then love-bomb them with even more kindness!

Regarding that gift of gab: It may go over like a lead balloon on Sunday, when super-sizer Jupiter in your communication center forms a signal-scrambling square with nebulous Neptune. Make an effort to hold your tongue when tempted to blurt out. It might feel good in the moment, but a second later, you may be left with huge regrets. Even “constructive criticism” could feel mean-spirited. This is the first of three Jupiter-Neptune squares in 2019. The next two are on June 16 and September 21, so watch for this dynamic to be in play much of the year.



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