Libra Weekly Horoscope (24/12/2018)(30/12/2018)


Don’t let the stress of the holidays fray your signature diplomacy! On Monday, December 24 (AKA Christmas Eve), you may have reached the end of your fuse…but hang in there. The “worst” is behind you, Libra, and now you can enjoy the fruits of your labors. This may require you to lower a few of your super-high standards—so WHAT if you didn’t hand-wrap every present or make it to the hair salon because of a burning deadline? This is a magical season; a time to reconnect with your nearest and dearest, or at least many of your favorite folks. Remember what this time is all about and just relax and do what your sign does best: chat up the room, mingle professionally and enjoy as many cups of good cheer as feels appropriate (provided you’re not the designated driver). If you didn’t have plans on the books, see who’s around for a get-together or, at the very least, a video chat. If you are hosting a soiree, check in on any neighbors who might be alone and invite them over for dessert or to watch a favorite holiday classic. That small gesture could turn someone’s blue mood into a lifelong special memory.

Drop those metaphoric velvet ropes and make room for unexpected guests and last-minute revelers on Christmas Day. On Tuesday, with the big-hearted Leo moon caroling alongside expansive Jupiter in your social sectors, you’ll be as alone as you want to be. In fact, even if you crave moments of quiet time, they may be hard to come by! Whether you’re a guest or enjoying your natural role of hostess with the mostest, you’ll be in the mood to glam up and shine like the star on top of the Trafalgar Square tree. If you’re not committed to anything specific, make a “road map” of places to stop by—and “arm” yourself with plenty of sweets and age-appropriate beverages. If you’re not feeling like that, find a community charity that could use another pair of serving hands. With your humanitarian realm lit up, this might be the greatest gift you give this holiday season.

You may want to make some alternative plans for wrapping up the final Saturday of 2018. Whether or not you felt this coming on, you might be rethinking your weekend partying strategy as the effects of a Mars-Chiron conjunction in your wellness zone start to kick in. When driven (sometimes to excess) Mars makes its rare alignment with cathartic Chiron, you could find yourself Googling “candlelight yoga” or “spiritual New Year’s.” If the thought of being “pre-hungover” on December 31 is the last thing you want to sign up for, start polling your pals to see who prefers something a little more high-minded. What’s happening at your favorite yoga studio or meditation center this weekend? Where can you host an intimate gathering and share your favorite memories of the past year AND manifesting intentions for 2019? Of course, there are plenty of ways to stay clean and sober and still have a rollicking good time. Dancing can get those feel-good hormones flowing like nobody’s business. Plus, it’ll allow you to save your MOST festive energy for Monday night, when the ball drops!



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