Pisces Horoscope (Dec 2, 2019 – Dec 8, 2019)


Your social life could be a big deal, with plenty going on to keep you busy. However, the focus here is enhanced as generous Jupiter moves in for a yearlong stay and brings a jovial and expansive quality to social events, get-togethers, and celebrations.

If you’ve taken on a lot in terms of participating in group activities, leading community projects, and organizing key events, this upbeat planet can help you make light work of it all. Still, you might be eager to do some restructuring by making a few changes either to the people you connect with or the activities you undertake.

A side of you might be eager to explore new options, and toward this end you might be eager to collaborate with others regarding a trip or exciting opportunity. There is potential for romance as well, especially if you’re going on an outing or vacation.

Be clear about your motives over the weekend, though, because you might want something that isn’t in your best interests.