Rosie Gabrielle answers all your questions about her conversion to Islam


When Canadian solo biker and traveller, Rosie Gabrielle announced she was converting to Islam, she was met with mostly admiration and of course, some backlash.

Taking to Instagram once again, Gabrielle wrote that the attention came as “an overwhelming shock” to her.

“I’m truly grateful for the outpouring of love and support as I start this new path in life. As I mentioned before, I already technically considered myself “Muslim”, having the faith and connection to God and creation I did on my life’s journey. But this is a new chapter for me,” she wrote.

“In the sense that the fear and pain I held onto has finally dissipated and I’m free to walk the fully surrendered life, dedicating my heart and mind to fulfilling the most peaceful, conscious and righteous path.”

She went on to say that her public announcement wasn’t to gain recognition or followers but a “testimony and declaration to make myself accountable and have the whole world as my witness”.

“With the intention and love in my heart, that I am now fully ready to commit everything in my being: to become the very best version of myself,” she added.

Gabrielle also took this opportunity to answer all your burning questions. Like we know now that she won’t be changing her name, wearing a hijab or choosing a sect. Her family accepts her decision and she will be going for Umrah/Hajj within the next year. And no, she won’t be saying yes to the marriage proposals she’s received.

She also revealed that she will continue biking and touring and has rescued a cute kitten and named it Skardu.

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Ending the note with how the hate doesn’t frazzle her, she wrote, “Although the majority of comments were full of love and support, I also received a bit of backlash (to be expected), mostly driven by fear, ignorance, and lack of tolerance, I was scorned with indignant preachings.”

“As humans, we are afraid of what we do not understand. Let me be that voice and example for all of humanity, bridging the gap, to truly understand what Islam is and InshaAllah, hearts will be softened and minds will be opened, for more peace, acceptance and understanding.”