Sagittarius Horoscope (Oct 26, 2020 – Nov 1, 2020)


Halloween week begins with a few conflicts as Venus enters Libra on Tuesday. Someone in your group of friends or co-workers isn’t playing fair, making things difficult for everyone. No one likes a liar. Use Libra’s diplomatic energy to keep the peace, but don’t let others walk all over you to get what they want.

Saturday is Halloween! As an extra spooky treat, you get another full moon, also known as a blue moon. This time it’s in Taurus, making it a rather chill evening. However, there are plenty of opportunities to get into a little mischief. If you want to.

Also on Halloween, the sun in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus, creating an unexpected opportunity to gain something you’ve been longing for. Cast a manifestation spell and go for it! The outcome could surprise you. After all, a night like this only happens once in a blue moon.