Scorpio Horoscope (Sep 28, 2020 – Oct 4, 2020)


Don’t rush anything early in the week when Saturn turns direct in Capricorn and squares Mars in Aries. It won’t do you any good. When all your plans and progress seem to slow down, it’s only natural that you’ll want to try to hurry things along to get to the end. However, just like being trapped in quicksand, the more you struggle, the faster you sink. Allow things to happen at their own pace.

Fortunately, things get easier when Thurs-day’s full moon in Aries gives you exactly what you’ve been working toward. This opportunity doesn’t come often, so enjoy the bliss. You deserve it, Scor-pio!

The week ends when Pluto goes back into direct in ambitious Capri-corn on Sunday. Pluto is in your sector of communication, making this the per-fect time to use your words for empowerment and transformation. Whether you’re speaking out against injustice or seeking more education, your words will be heard.