Virgo Weekly Horoscope (31/12/2018)(06/01/2019)


Keep it intimate this New Year’s Eve, Virgo, even if you’re surrounded by throngs of revelers. With stimulating Mars dipping into Aries and your eighth house of seductive bonding at 9:20PM EST, you’ll want to be mashed up against someone you adore when the clock strikes midnight. Whether encircled in bae’s arms or squeezing your bestie’s hand, that feeling of being known, seen and fully accepted is an energy you want to carry through your 2019, especially while the red planet hovers here until February 14. If you’re not in the mood for crowds, stay in! You’d be perfectly happy cooking a special dinner, making vision boards, and maybe popping out for a champagne toast at your favorite neighborhood bar while the ball drops. Single and mingling? A captivating conversationalist could keep you off the dance floor—and in thrall—until that midnight kiss. With Mars in this esoteric zone, you could ring in 2019 at a masquerade ball or an invite-only fete that gives you bragging rights come Monday.

On New Year’s Day, however, you may find yourself at the center of a buzzing hive. The moon and glamorous Venus join up in Scorpio and your convivial third house. Drop in at neighborhood venues that are serving brunch, or organize a super-casual hang with friends who want to talk about their 2019 resolutions. (Requisite attire should fall under the category of “pajama dressing.”) Inspired talks could evolve into a creative collaboration that you test out in the days ahead. Keep the guest list a little more open. A good friend’s tagalong homie might just turn into your winter playmate!

On Saturday, January 5, a potent solar (new moon) eclipse in Capricorn sets off sparks in your fifth house of romance, fame and flamboyant creative expression. Single Virgos: Ditch the cynicism and get back on the dating apps; or start putting yourself out there with people who hold romantic potential. It only takes one fateful swipe to change everything. Attached? This renewing energy could get you both buzzing about your shared future. (Babies? Beach weddings? Vacation property?) Plans you hatch now could materialize by the corresponding lunar (full moon) eclipse on July 16. On a professional note, now’s the time to get the buzz started about your work. A social media post could practically go viral and you’ll attract kindred spirits who may become future collaborators. For some Virgos, this eclipse might awaken your inner performer or “edu-tainer.” Start showing up at auditions, open-mic nights, jam sessions and local castings. Yours could be the name on everyone’s lips in 2019!

Another positive pivot comes on Sunday, January 6, as game-changing Uranus resumes forward motion after a sluggish five-month retrograde, which took place mainly in Aries and your eighth house of intense emotions, seduction and intimacy. If you’ve been craving a warm body—or a change in personnel—this U-turn will crank up your sensuality and steer you toward the kind of partner you seek. Be clear with everyone involved: Are you just looking for some nocturnal action or an actual partner? This is yet another opportunity of the week for couples to take their relationship to the next level by being more honest, vulnerable and forthcoming about your feelings. Since Uranus began its tour of Aries on March 11, 2011, you might have embarked on a personal quest that’s caused some important parts of your life to shift. There are only three more months of this plunging cycle. On March 6, Uranus tunes its vibration to Taurus and your worldly ninth house, making you MUCH more exploratory and outgoing until April 2026! Before this March 6, clean the slate. Work on shaking loose residual emotions, like jealousy, rage and competitiveness. You’re only human, Virgo, and it’s natural to feel these things. But to keep them from owning you, now’s the time to practice the art of setting boundaries and saying no…BEFORE you get resentful!



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