Aries Horoscope (Jun 17, 2019 – Jun 23, 2019)


The week begins with a full moon in Sagittarius and your sector of far horizons, which could inspire you to book a trip or vacation. If you need to get away from it all, make your move now. 

As chatty Mercury pairs with feisty Mars and both planets oppose powerful Pluto midweek, you may feel it’s time to speak up. At the same time, with sobering Saturn linking to dreamy Neptune, you might be able to see the situation from a compassionate and spiritual perspective, and this may help you move through it. 

Hazy Neptune turns retrograde on Friday, and you might begin to see the truth about a matter, giving you an entirely new perspective. The sun’s move into Cancer and your home zone that same day could see you taking some time out for self-care and being with your family and close ones. 

Finally, a delightful aspect on Sunday can be perfect for a special date and generally enjoying life.



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