Gemini Horoscope (Nov 16, 2020 – Nov 22, 2020)


Trust your gut this week even if it scares you. Mercury in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus on Tuesday, creating tension and nervous energy as you make some difficult choices. However, if you really believe that your idea can work, just do it!

However, don’t do it when Venus in Libra squares Saturn in Capricorn on Thursday, potentially creating some negative developments that could ruin all your best-laid plans. Anything you do on this day won’t achieve the success you hope for, so it’s best to do nothing.

Fortunately, your week ends on a high note when the sun enters Sagittarius, placing the sun in your house of partnerships. For the next four weeks, the energies around your personal relationships will be optimistic, honest, and adventurous. This all promises to be a ton of fun, but be forewarned. Venus enters Scorpio that day, too, making everything a little more intense.