Pisces Horoscope (Mar 2, 2020 – Mar 8, 2020)


Your social life continues to be as busy as always this week. But with jovial Jupiter involved in the mix, you might be eager to expand your circle of friends by joining a club, committing to a community project, and moving in new circles. And with fiery Mars also in this sector, you’ll have enough energy to be very successful at what you do. You can accomplish much.

With luscious Venus moving into your sector of communication midweek, you can operate with extra charm and persuasiveness. If you need to sell an idea to someone, this is the time to do so because you could be hard to resist. The presence of Venus here can also help smooth over any difficulties, making it easier to negotiate, find a compromise, and close key deals.

The sun in your sign merges with dreamy Neptune over the weekend, so you may feel like relaxing. If you enjoy arts and crafts, your imagination could peak, enabling you to do some beautiful work.