Virgo Horoscope (Jun 15, 2020 – Jun 21, 2020)


The past few weeks may have given you an opportunity to shine in your chosen field and show how talented you are. The coming weeks could see you becoming more involved with others in a social sense as well as for the good of the community.

However, talkative Mercury, your personal planet, will be retrograde from Wednesday to July 12, so be prepared for some interesting developments in your social scene. Someone from the past could come back into your life, and you may be glad to see them. On the other hand, you could resist talking to an ex or old flame even if they reach out to you first. With Mercury doing a backflip, this can be a time of healing conversations and closure if you’re open to them.

Saturday’s solar eclipse has huge power to change your social life for the better. Even if you can’t get out much now, you can still network online and connect with like-minded others.